Our powerful breathwork therapy revitalizes the body and releases deeply rooted mental and emotional tension, leading you towards deep inner peace, and even non-dual spiritual Awareness. Somatic Breathwork Therapy is an effective tool in healing from the effects of trauma, accessing subtle layers of the body/mind that few talk therapies can touch. 

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Experience deep release and revitalization with Somatic Breathwork Therapy.

Our transformational breathwork approach draws inspiration from multiple methods, including Yogic Breathwork, Holotropic Breathword, Rebirthing, and Somatic Theapies. Our  practitioner takes you on a musically supported journey through your breath, helping to release patterns of deeply rooted tension in both the body and mind. With sessions lasting up to 3 hours, experience inner peace, heightened awareness, and transformation like never before.

woman feeling free from stress and anxiety with tantric breathing and somatic breathwork

Find freedom from stress, anxiety, and pain.

Recognize and dissolve the mental beliefs and behavioral patterns that lay the foundation of tension, causing much of the stress, anxiety, and pain you experience. Breathwork Therapy bypasses the logic and stories of the mind to activate robust physiological and energetic responses beyond cognitive understanding, where the frozen energies of the past lay dormant.

woman laying on the ground with a hand on her heart and a hand on her abdomen practicing somatic breathwork to heal trauma

A powerful tool in healing from the effects of trauma.

Trauma is the activated survival energy that can become lodged in the nervous and energetic systems due to overwhelming events, chronic stress, or life-threatening danger, perceived or actual. Somatic Breathwork Therapy's capacity to activate, digest, and discharge mental and emotional residue from the body makes it an effective integrative tool in healing from the effects of Trauma. 

a woman increasing her wellness and spiritual self-awareness with Tantric breathing and Somatic Breathwork

Increases Holistic Wellness & Spiritual Self-Awareness 

Peeling away layers of tension and discharging the energies of the past, unlocks fuller capacity for holistic health and vitality. Tantric + Somatic Breathwork Therapy may even provide a doorway to experience the deep peacefulness of non-dual spiritual awareness.  

Experience the transformative power of Somatic Breathwork Therapy and discover a new level of inner peace and spiritual awareness.

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