"The space Alissa and Aaron created and held for us was beautiful, safe, and welcoming. The practices they shared with us are priceless. . ."


"I was feeling a bit tired before the session, but I felt so nourished and present afterwards. The altar you set up was so beautiful. It definitely felt sacred."


"The work I've done with Aaron and Alissa has completely transformed my relationship to myself and my mind, body and heart."


"I've been to a few great Tantra workshops by Aaron and Alissa. I always leave feeling like I'm vibrating on another level. Aaron has a way of describing why and how to use these practises that appeals to my scientific, skeptical mind. He makes the esoteric knowledge he has gained understandable and relatable. I would recommend Academy of Tantric Science to anyone who feels they are ready to expand their knowledge of themselves and their relationships with the world around them. Here is a guide to start you on the path."

a happy student named Claire B.
a happy client named Laura


"Last evening's workshop was so strengthening.  I felt a release from the negative self-talk for three full hours which is a minor miracle.  Thank you so much for providing this safe place- with safe teachers- to grow, learn and energize. Last night was a beautiful way to be introduced to the practise of Tantra.  I am excited to continue pursuing new experiences and knowledge in this spiritual light.”


"Aaron is a master of all things yoga. I will take any opportunity to learn from him as often as I can. Alissa is very organized, they are both excellent communicators, and together they offer some truly unique teachings. Many thanks to you both, feel truly blessed to have stumbled across you in my lifelong learning journey!" 

A happy student named Mandy F.
a satisfied student of Tantric Yoga named Andrea B.


"In a city where one can throw a dart and hit a yoga teacher training, what Aaron and Alissa have to offer is truly a gift. I chose his 200 hour Revolutions program after much research and many years of yoga practice; I can’t imagine having chosen anyone else. What Aaron facilitates for his students goes so far beyond how to sequence a vinyasa flow for a studio class – though that is offered in an expert manner. Their programs are rich in experiential practice, steeped in non-dual philosophy, and do exactly what yoga is meant to do – lead the student to a deeper understanding of Consciousness. Their 200hr program challenged and changed me, and made me view both my practice and my life through a sharpened lens. If you are looking for the path to discovering all that you are and perhaps more importantly all that you are not; you have come to the right place. If you are looking for freedom from the suffering of duality; you are here. If you are looking for a facilitators who are wise, supportive, diversely trained, non-shaming and wildly passionate – you have found them."


"I am Jess and I was one of the scholarship recipients of the 200 Hour Foundations training. Upon researching the Academy of Tantric Science, I found the course content highly intriguing and had heard nothing but outstanding reviews of Aaron as an instructor. I dove in head first, and quickly discovered that having been gifted the opportunity to study with Aaron Patrick was single handedly the most amazing experience I could be given. I highly recommend this training to ANYONE searching to begin, or continue along, on a journey within the self. Taking the 200 Hour Foundations course taught me more than I can explain, (and trust me when I say that I have tried!) and I'm incredibly grateful for the foundation I now possess. I was intrigued, challenged, supported, listened to, and inspired throughout the journey, and continue to be, as a recent graduate. I AM A FOREVER CHANGED HUMAN AFTER THIS EXPERIENCE. Throughout the 200 hours, I felt as though we were just "scratching the surface" (quoted by Aaron from the very beginning and throughout) on the many aspects of the Science of Yoga and I couldn't be more thrilled to be continuing my studies in the 300 hour training next month. Thank you."

a satisfied client and student named Jess V.
a happy student named Susan K.


"My learning of this beautiful yogic science began with Aaron. I began taking classes with him and with his support and encouragement took my YTT with him in 2014. Training with Aaron changed the direction of my life. He is the consummate teacher. His depth of knowledge and understanding of this science are unmatched in our community. Dedicated to those he senses are searchers like himself, he devotes himself to teaching the intricacies of all aspects of yoga with thoroughness, kindness and gentle discipline. He brings out the best in his students. His example and his guidance have inspired me to become the best teacher I can be. The best student of the endless arts of yoga . The best version of myself. And for that I will always be grateful. It is my sincere hope I will get to attend further teacher trainings with Aaron in the very near future. Namaste."


"I completed my 200-hour training with Aaron. He is an excellent reminder of what authentic yoga is and how it should be practiced. He brought his many years of experience to the table in such a dynamic and unique way, outside of the traditional "boring" yoga. He is not only extremely knowledgeable and hypnotic in pranayama meditation but he is incredibly educated on the history and small details of yoga and where it all began. He strips the lulu lemon/green tea/instagram yogi wanna-be stereotype into the bare bones of the most simplistic, centered, full body experience of pure yoga. I had the pleasure of completing my practicum by observing in his classes and the amount of awareness and connection he brings to the class is outstanding! Aaron is an amazing leader, mentor, and motivator and I would highly recommend him and his training to anyone looking for a no BS fluff approach. I’m hopeful that I can attend future trainings with Aaron and I feel extremely lucky to have had him be apart of my yoga journey."

a satisfied student who learned the meaning of Tantra named Jenn
a happy student and client named Mandy R.


"This was undoubtly the most positive transformative event of my life. Yoga is an incredible tool for healing trauma and shame so we can evolve as spiritual beings. But the space and the intention with which it's practiced is of outmost importance to the value that is realized. Aaron emphasizes this in his teachings and basis the curriculum to help students evolve on a personal level so they can provide the same transformative experience for their students. Aside from my own personal experience I believe this is an incredible program because it's logical, pragmatic and very well thought out. What I really loved about the program was the breadth. We discussed traditional yoga philosophy but also modern psychology, philosophy and biomechanics. These concepts were then related back to traditional yogic philosophy and practices. Im a critical thinker and somewhat of a cynic so I'm constantly poking holes into ideas and philosophies. This program was really satisfying cause I didn't have to say "oh but what's the modern perspective on this?" Or "oh but what's the historical context behind this?". As someone who has no answers and asks a million questions constantly I thought this program was amazing because it left less room for my wondering mind to wonder about facts (because all the facts were given) and focused my attention on the important questions. It gave both history and modern yogic knowledge. But most importantly the program had a really healthy and safe space that nurtured students to grow in their own way. I didn't have a very disciplined practice when I started so don't let fear hold you back. As you understand yoga more and realize the benefit your practice will get stronger. So highly recommend!"


I had the fortunate opportunity to take 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training with Aaron in 2015. I gained the skills, knowledge and confidence to teach to a variety of groups, in various styles of yoga. In fact, I started teaching classes just a few days after completing my 200 hr training. My personal asana, pranayama and meditation practice immensely improved during training. I also learned a great deal about myself, my relationships with others and life. I really enjoyed the training because it was in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment. I continue to attend Aaron’s meditation and asana classes because he inspires others to live their yogic lifestyle to the fullest; on the mat, on the bench, with self-care, mindfulness, self-reflection and in relationships with others. His asana classes are fun, safe and educational and allow me to continue to learn and enrich/refine my class teachingsā€‹ and personal practice. His mediations are powerful, highly-effective and doable by all. Aaron is a genuine being; his brave honesty in his accounts of personal experiences establish a secure and caring atmosphere. Many thanks to you, Aaron. I am truly grateful for your teachings. You have given me the tools to share my passion of yoga with my students. Namaskar."

a happy student named Eleeza A.
a student of Tantric Yoga named Aaron J.


"Aaron's approach aims at fostering a generous, open and highly effective environment in which to grasp and understand the ancient teachings of the yoga sciences; which, here in the West, we have been limited with a variety of mind constructs that inhibit our ability to understand and apply these concepts. Aaron's highly personable and articulate teaching methods ensures that his course content is, not only able to be efficiently absorbed and understood, but also integrated fully into his students daily lives as both teachers and practioners. My time personally under his guidance has enabled me to both evolve my perspective of my time in this life, and to instruct my students in a manner that demonstrates a very notable intellectual excellence that sets one dramatically apart in the yoga industry. Highly recommended with all my confidence."


"I was fortunate to do my 200 hour teacher training with Aaron. He opened my eyes to the incredible depth and history of yoga, and taught me so much about myself on the journey. Aaron is captivating, authentic, and an incredible yoga practitioner. Aaron is well-versed in a variety of styles of yoga, and has travelled the world to gain this wisdom. His teachings are filled with incredible stories that help you to see the application of yogic principles. He lives the yogic life that he teaches, and will inspire you to live your best life."

a happy client named Kate B.
a satisfied client named Chelsea M.


"I did my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Aaron and it was a life changing experience. I have never met anyone who is more authentic and real as Aaron Patrick. His love for yoga is evident the moment you meet him and it is clear that yoga is not a job but a lifestyle. Aaron's knowledge and dedication to the practice of yoga and meditation goes beyond anyone I have met. I will continue to look for opportunities to train with Aaron and highly recommend him to anyone. Much love and respect."


"I have always been drawn to not only the physical repertoire that Aaron brings to each and every class, but also the spiritual aspect that is often missed throughout the Yoga/Eastern lifestyle practice. His vast knowledge is unparalleled throughout Calgary and he brings his own characteristics to teaching that sets him apart from most other classes/teachers I have experienced."

a lifelong student of Tantric Yoga named Adam R.
A happy client named Shannon S.


"I took my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Aaron in 2016. I chose to study with him as he was and still is one of my favourite instructors in the city. His focus on alignment and the integrity of a traditional yoga practice is what sets him apart from so many instructors. My meditation practice (which I struggle with) improved immensely, as he stressed the importance of a daily practice. He teaches with a combination of seriousness and wit and humour, and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to deepen their practice through teacher training, or simply enjoy one of his classes.


"If you want to be more than a "Flow Gym" yoga teacher I highly recommend Aaron. Diversity, originality, and wide subject base beyond Sun Salutations. Aaron teaches from his heart and not an etheric yoga text book. And the dude plays a wicked Harmonium. Taking my 200 hr with Aaron was one of the most rewarding, intense and at times hilarious times of my life.

a satisfied student of Tantra named Keven M.